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About Grumpy!

route-66-grumpy-the-biker-at-national-museum.jpgA long long time ago lived a man with a dream (I actually believe it was last Friday), he wanted to be creative, he wanted to have fun, he wanted to stand out from the rest as the best, he wanted to play goal for the Vancouver Canucks!

Suddenly a loud voice came from above and said "WAKE UP, DUMB ASS YOU NEED A NEW DREAM". (I think the voice was actually my wife screaming). Then the idea was created, I could hide in the basement from the wife and make many bikers feel good about themselves by making  quality biker t-shirts.

So, I turned the basement into a warehouse, (actually it is really a warehouse, and not a basement) bought some presses and, like batman, stayed in my cave trying to make the biker world a happier place.

So here now stands a biker T-Shirt business that has a couple of purposes, to make you look as good as your ride, and to keep me away from the wife telling me to WAKE UP again.


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