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Amerian Finest Biker - Motorcycle - Men's Short Sleeve Biker T-Shirt

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The American finest biker Motorcycle t-shirt captures the true spirit of the American riding culture. The t-shirt has the words 'The American Biker' on the back top with a colored image of an American-made bike below the words. The words 'American finest' is put below the image. It has several other quotes on the side such as 'American by birth' and 'American by choice'.


The image does not fade with multiple washings and the color does not run when washing. In addition, the material does not shrink or stretch with cleaning. However, follow the cleaning instructions that come with the t-shirt will keep the t-shirt in good condition much longer.

Sizes & Colors

The t-shirt is available in nine sizes from the extra small to 5XL size. You choose the preferred size, color, and image placement at the checkout when purchasing. Consider a size that fits your body perfectly; not too tight or very baggy

The t-shirt embodies the true spirit of being American and the resilience of the tough American riders. It can be worn with a variety of casual attire including the chinos, jeans and shorts of a variety of colors.


The t-shirt is available for purchase and is shipped within a day after purchase. It comes with the washing instructions.