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What are the Top 5 Reasons To Ride Motorcycle!

What are the Top 5 Reasons To Ride Motorcycle!

Posted by Grumpy The Biker on 2018 Jul 8th

5. Commuting on your motorcycle

Almost all cities allow motorcycles to ride in the HOV lanes, making getting to and from your destinations during peak traffic hours much easier. Considerably easier than dealing with somebody you don't really care for being in your car so you can use the HOV lane. If the traffic comes to a stand still due to an accident it is considerably easier to work your way to the exit to find a new route and get home faster. More and more cities are adding motorcycle only parking, allowing you to park in places others can not.

4. Motorcycle Adventures

As soon as you learn to ride a motorcycle it is like this adventurist person jumps into your body. Suddenly you want to go places you never wanted to go before, just to get out and enjoy the ride. Even heading home from work can end up being a 2 hour detour to explore another route.

3. You look cool on your motorcycle

Yep, it unmistakable you get on that motorcycle and you look cool. By the time you put on your riding gear and climb on your motorcycle you will discover that you are all you and nobody else. The combination of bike, motorcycle accessories, and riding gear make you unique in your own way oh yea just saying, nothing looks hotter than a lady rider!, and I mean nothing!

Sturgis motorcycle rally

2. Motorcycle create socialization

I am naturally a person that likes to keep to myself, but put a motorcycle ride on and 700 motorcycles and I cant help but drool all over the thought of going on the trip. Throw an event like Sturgis, or Las Vegas Bikefest and I work hard on going there. Once I am there I talk with all kinds of people I would never otherwise associate with.

1. Motorcycles are incredibly fun.

I have never had so many good experiences doing anything else. It can take a day that started with me being frustrated and change it within a mile of being on the open road. From seeing things I would have never gone and seen like Madrid New Mexico, to meeting people like the guy in Daytona Beach that spent his entire inheritance on a road trip that lasted 12 years, to camping in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, to flying to Tennessee just to ride the Tail of the Dragon. There is very little in life that can create as much happiness as riding motorcycle